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Park Info
This English version of information and notices is prepared for convenience only. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Chinese and English versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Before Visit
■ Opening hours, performances and amusement rides are subject to change due to weather conditions, maintenance or any other unforeseen factors, please comply to the posts at the park as changes may be made without prior notice.
■ Please do not purchase tickets from unauthorized sources, as our park shall not be liable therefor in any respect.
■ Please refer to our official website for admission fare details. Please be noted that ticket prices are subject to change and any updates will be posted at park and website without prior notices. Some ticket types require verification and personal identifications, please prepare them prior your visit to our park.
■ All tickets sold in park shall be used on the day of purchase. Expired pre-paid tickets are still valid towards the purchase of current admission price of the park. Tickets do not include facilities that require extra fee. All tickets are not refundable after admission to park. Admission fare is fully refundable to original payment method before park entry.
■ Group entry requires prior reservation with at least 20 guests. Please contact our Sales Team for further details.
■ Parking fees required for vehicles, vans, buses and tour buses. Please bring all personal belongings with you and our park shall not be liable for any lost or stolen items nor any type of vehicle damages.
■ No pets allowed inside the park except for service dogs. Please make use of our Pet Service Center.
■ For safety of all guests, the following items are prohibited inside the park: bicycles, scooters, pushbikes, segway, roller blades, drones, any objects that could endanger others, alcohol beverages, glasswares, barbeque utensils or any types of cookware (gas stove, burners, hot plates...etc.).
■ There are no barbeque grounds; cooking or fire starting is prohibited inside the park.
■ All commercial photography, activities or setting up any types of tents inside our park are required prior consents from WOW.

During Visit
■ We provide an accessible and child-friendly environment.
■ We work hard to maintain all miniatures and plantations for an enjoyable experience for all guests. Please assist us by showing common courtesy to all fellow guests.
■ No chewing gums or betel nuts inside the park. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas, otherwise prohibited.
■ To enjoy all rides, guests should be in good health both mentally and physically, abide by attraction info & restrictions and instructions given by staff on locations. Disabled guests should check details of health restrictions at each ride or attraction and must be accompanied by an adult companion to go on rides.
■ Amusement rides, shows and entertainment may be interrupted, cancelled or rescheduled due to inclement weather conditions or unforeseen factors (lightning, heavy rain, black-out...etc.). All changes will only be posted on locations without prior notice.
■ Coin-operated lockers are for temporary use only. Our park shall not be liable for any lost or stolen items.
■ Please remember to get your hand stamped before exiting for same day re-admittance at the main entrance information desk.