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Mini Taiwan

Come and stroll around mini Taiwan and view many historic architecture at once! The presidential office, famous Ali mountain and its popular mountain train, the Ten Major Constructions that boosted Taiwan’s economy back in the 70’s, the traditional housing in Taiwan, the Taoyuan International Airport that welcomes all guests around the world...and many more beautiful landmarks! Don’t forget to take out your camera and capture the beauty of Taiwan history!

Motion Exhibition of the Miniature Architecture
Weekday 9:00~16:00
Weekend 9:30~16:30

Mini China

Mini China presents to you the riches of Chinese ancient civilization! The emperor's wedding took place at the mini Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the beautiful Humble Administrator’s garden, the mini-sized natural habitat of cute pandas, the circular traditional housing of the Hakka people and many architectures from the olden days are all presented here before your eyes.

Mini Asia

Walking through the mysterious mini Aisa and be amazed by the refined details of these fascinating architecture, the famous Himeji Castle which survived unscratched from the air attack during world world II, one of the world largest wooden buildings Todai-ji Temple in Japan and the seven storied palace of Nuwakot, Nepal.

Mini Europe

Head to our mini Europe, you will find yourself as if browsing through a thick history of Western architecture. The colorful, onion-shaped domes of the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the gothic architecture Chartres Cathedrals, the Paris Opera House in romantic Paris, the mysterious Stonehenge in England...come and experience the essence of Europe!

Mini America

Did you know the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the United States in the celebration of US independence? The famous sculptural masterpiece, the Four Presidents on Mount Rushmore, and the temple to the Sun God , the Kukulkan Pyramid – these are America's short yet amazing history of development. Come and explore more famous landmarks in our Mini America!