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Chiang Fu Yan

Chiang Fu Yan features Zhejiang cuisine, one of the eight recognized culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine. The chef team selected all ingredients with the finest quality to provide guests authentical and extraordinary delicacy!

Opening Hours:Lunch 11:30 - 14:30 / Dinner 17:00 - 21:00(closed on Monday)



Café W.O.W.

Before admission to the park, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful Chinese garden scenery.​​


Come and taste our crispy chicken, fries and nuggets...finger-licking good!

W.O.W. Castle

Udon, Curry, Teriyaki, which one is your favorite choice? (vegetarian set menu available)​​

W.O.W. Windmill

Follow the sweet scent of popcorn and taste the delicious gratin and fill your tummy with great meals we offer!


Wide selection of mouth-watering meals for everyone.(vegetarian set menu available)

Chicken Bar (Weekends Only)

Hungry adventurers, be sure to take a big bite into the big, crspy and juicy fried chicken at the Chicken Bar!

Taiwanese Street Food (Weekends Only)

Savory and authentic Taiwanese street food: grilled squid, Taco balls, cotton candy, soft serve...and many more!​​